The Usborne Internet-linked Encyclopedia of World History

Author(s): Fiona Chandler

Children Non-fiction

The first ever Internet-linked children's history of the world brings the past to life. A superb reference book in its own right, bang up to date and richly illustrated, it colourfully depicts key historical figures and the battles, revolutions, inventions and discoveries that have shaped today's world. An exciting homework resource, this comprehensive encyclopedia provides the information readers need, and unlocks the Internet's treasure chest of knowledge.


Product Information

Part 1 Prehistoric world: prehistoric world Internet links; prehistoric time; what are fossils?; clues from fossils; the story of life; the birth of the Earth; the changing world; the beginning of life; shells and skeletons; the crowded seas; the first fish; life on land; fish out of water; swamps and forests; what are reptiles?; early reptiles; the rise of the reptiles; meat-eating monsters; gentle giants; beaks and crests; horns, clubs and spikes; reptiles of the seas; flying reptiles; the first bird; the death of the dinosaurs; the first mammals; mammals with pouches; the rise of the mammals; hunters and scavengers; plant-eaters' problems; the horse's tale; animals of South America; the elephant's story; animals of the Ice Age; apes and monkeys; southern apes; the tool-makers; the coming of fire; the first explorers; hunters of the Ice Age; early families; the first modern people; new worlds; the mammoth-hunters; the first artists; from hunting to farming. Part 2 The ancient world: looking at the ancient world; ancient world Internet links; the first farmers; the first towns; the first civilization; crafts and trade; kings and war; farmers of the Nile valley; mummies and pyramids; cities of the Indus valley; Europe's first villages; the monument builders; palaces and legends; life on Crete; palaces and tombs; warriors and traders; the empire of Hammurabi; the Hittite empire; the Egyptian empire; temples and gods; life at home; the people of Canaan; raiders of the Mediterranean; the Hebrew kingdoms; traders from Phoenicia; the Assyrians at war; the Assyrians at home; the city of Babylon; the power of Persia; the Greeks at war; life in ancient Greece; the city of Athens; Alexander the Great; riders of the plains; the people of early China; China's first emperor; the Han dynasty; the people of ancient Japan; the riches of Arabia; life in ancient Africa; the ideas of India; the first North Americans; the people of ancient Peru; the Olmecs; ancient cities of the Americas; the Celtic tribes; the rise of Rome; the Roman army; life in a Roman town; fun and games; the spread of Christianity; the fall of Rome. Part 3 Mediaeval world: looking at the Mediaeval world; Mediaeval world Internet links; the Byzantine empire; the Barbarian kingdoms; return to Christianity; the rise of Islam; the Arab world; Vikings at home; Vikings abroad; Anglo-Saxon England; Charlemagne's empire; the Holy Roman empire; the Norman conquests; the Hundred Years' War; kings, nobles and peasants; knights, soldiers and war; living in a castle; living in a village; living in a town; traders and towns; the power of the Popes; enemies of the Church; building a cathedral; going on a pilgrimage; monks and monasteries; art in the Middle Ages; the Crusades; the Black Death; criminals and outlaws; kingdoms of the Celts; the rise of Burgundy; the Wars of the Roses; Mongol invaders; triumphs of the Turks; kingdoms of Eastern Europe; the rise of the Russians.

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