Fleur Adcock:

High Tide in the Garden. Oxford University Press,  1971. ISBN 0192118072 . Dustjacket worn   $35



The Eye Of The Hurricane. A. H. & A. W. Reed, 1964. Dustjacket worn   $65





James K. Baxter:

In Fires of No Return. Oxford University Press,  1958. Ruth France’s copy, her name on ffep   $65



Pig Island Letters. Oxford University Press, 1966   $70



 The Fallen House. The Caxton Press,  1953   $85



Howrah Bridge. Oxford University Press,  1961. Terry Sturm’s copy, his name on ffep, annotations in pencil.    $65



A Small Ode on Mixed Flatting elicited by the decision of the Otago University authorities to forbid this practice among students. 1954. Broadsheet, folded  card, illustration   $40



Ballad of Calvary Street. 1960. folded card broadsheet, light wear   $65



A Walking Stick for an Old Man. CMW Print, 1972. Enclosed typed foolscap page with ‘A Bucket of Blood and a Dollar’ and ‘The Gunner’s Lament’   $35



Chosen Poems 1958.  Saxon Press, Bombay, 1958. For private circulation only   $25



The Night Shift: James K. Baxter, Charles Doyle, Louis Johnson, Kendrick Smithyman. Capricorn Press, 1957. Card covers in wrapper   $35



Poems Unpleasant: James K. Baxter, Louis Johnson and Anton Vogt.  The Pegasus Press, 1952. Terry Sturm’s copy, his  pencil editorial annotations to Johnson’s ‘The Booze Rooster’ (Sturm edited Johnson’s Collected Poems). Card covers with wrapper, rear panel detached, good only   $40



Three Poets: Habitual Fevers by Peter Bland,  The Watchers by John Boyd,  The Sensual Anchor by Victor O’Leary.  Capricorn Press, 1958. Card covers with wrapper, publisher’s banner announcing Peter Bland’s award of Macmillan Brown Prize for 1958   $35





Charles Brasch:

Disputed Ground: Poems 1939-45. The Caxton Press,  1948. Terry Sturm’s copy, his name on ffep   $50



Not Far Off . The Caxton Press,  1969. Review slip from The Caxton Press enclosed & date stamp to ffep   $60



Ambulando. The Caxton Press,  1964. Terry Sturm’s copy, his name on ffep, some pencil annotations   $45




Alistair Te Ariki Campbell:

Mine Eyes Dazzle. The Pegasus Press, 1951. Pegasus New Zealand Poets 1. Card covers in wrapper   $30



Mine Eyes Dazzle. The Pegasus Press, 1956.   $45



Soul Traps: A Lyric Sequence. Te Kotare Press, 1985. An edition of 150, this copy not numbered. Card covers in wrapper    $20



Meg Campbell: The Better Part. Hazard Press, 2000. ISBN 1877161276. Paperback   $25



John Caselberg: The Sound Of Morning. The Pegasus Press, 1954. Pegasus New Zealand Poets 7. Card covers in wrapper   $35



Christopher Duval Smith:  Leaf-Crowns. The Pegasus Press, 1972. Paperback   $20



Lauris Edmond:


Catching It. Oxford University Press,  1983. ISBN 0195580982. Card covers   $25



Five Villanelles. The Peppercorn Press, 1991. 8 pages, folded card, illustration to front pages. Creasing to lower edges   $25



Murray Edmond:


Entering The Eye. Caveman Press, 1973. Paperback   $25



End Wall. Oxford University Press,  1981. ISBN 0195580842. Paperback   $25



The Switch. Auckland University Press, 1994. ISBN 1869401107. Paperback   $20



A. R. D. Fairburn: Poems 1929-1941. The Caxton Press, 1943   $65



Ruth Gilbert: Lazarus And Other Poems. The Caxton Press,  1949. Illustrations by E. Mervyn Taylor. Covers worn, no dustjacket   $45



Denis Glover:

Towards Banks Peninsula: A Sequence. The Pegasus Press, 1979. ISBN 0908568088. Enclosed review card & printed card with Glover quote: ‘I Think My Country Funny …’, both printed at Pegasus Press   $55



Enter Without Knocking. The Pegasus Press, 1964   $45




Dancing To My Tune. The Catspaw Press, 1974. Card covers in wrapper   $25



Come High Water. The Dunmore Press, 1977. ISBN 0908564090   $35



Arawata Bill: A Sequence Of Poems. The Pegasus Press, 1953. Card covers in wrapper, wrapper worn   $85



For Whom The Cock Crows. John McIndoe, 1978. ISBN 0908565909. Card covers   $20



Or Hawk Or Basilisk. The Catspaw Press, 1978. Card covers   $25




Diary To A Woman. The Catspaw Press, 1971. #729 of an edition of 750. Card covers in wrapper . Wrapper worn   $35

see Part Two of this list here







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